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Aneesh Kotha

Growth Mindset & Transformation Specialist - NLP Mentor - No 1 Best Seller Author


Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP – By David L Lincoln)

Balance Integrated Techniques Master Facilitator (Zen Inquiry - Law of attraction – Manifestation – Multiple Meditation Techniques, Deep trauma Release, Energy & Chakra Harmony)

Neo Leadership Transformation Coach – The New Age Leadership (IQ –EQ – SQ Paradigm shift)

Master Sales Skills, Harmonizing Buyer & Seller Psychology. 

Personality Profiling – Enneagram by Integral Being (Australia)

Master Facilitator Training Andragogy (Adult Learning Principle & Story Telling (Malaysia)

Power Coaching with Mind – Kinetics by Coaching & Leadership International (Canada) 


Aneesh is a highly energetic Practical Life & Leadership Transformation Coach. He brings with him 22 years of learning application in the field of Positive Psychology & Mind Mastery. He is passionate to serve people and help them overcome their limitations by applying tested wisdom & techniques. His core purpose is to help people get liberated from their own prison & experience a life of unlimited freedom and immense joy. 

His clients have reported 360-degree transformation from their existing state of self-sabotage to finding their true self, values and purpose. They have got a new perspective in their journey of life, which has helped them to achieve all round success on personal as well as professional front.

He has trained under various world class mentors and has taken a deep dive into the ocean of self-discovery through multiple modalities like Zen Path of self-mastery, Express NLP, Heart & Brain Coherence, Mind Psychology, Neo Meditations, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Visualization, Ho opono opono, Ubuntu, Ikigai etc.
He says, “Everything is possible, if you just practice it enough times”.

Poor Management of Self-Relationships-Teams
Resourceful Management of Self and all stake holders
Passive and Lethargic
Active and Energetic
Sleeplessness ( Insomnia )
Brain Bio clock reset
Anxiety – Panic - Depression
Joy – Happiness - Gratitude
Abusive and Threatening
Inclusive and collaborating
Low Self-esteem and self-love
High Self Esteem and compassionate
Victim and Blame state
I am Responsible State

Aneesh in his corporate journey has been a seasoned professional who has hands on experience in the field of coaching and Emotional Wellness. He has worked with companies like ITC, Taj, ICICI, Reliance field of training & coaching for 14 years since 1999. 

Aneesh started his independent practice since 2014 as he wanted to dedicate his gift to help more & more people who are struggling with mental & emotional wellbeing. For last 8 years he has undergone mentorship under various mentors and the journey to self-discovery is still ongoing.

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