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Nishi Kotha

Psychotherapist & Life Coach


Cognitive behavioural therapy practitioner (CBT)

Bach flower practitioner (London, u.k)

Clinical science practitioner of biochemic therapy (Institute of Biochemical medicine(Australia).

Personality Profiling – Enneagram by Integral Being (Australia)

Reiki Master & Past Life Regression Therapist

Nishi is a mindful Psychotherapist. She brings with her 23 years of practical learning in the field of Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Emotional wellness. She is compassionate and her core purpose to serve people to live life at their best potential. 

Her clients have reported miraculous transformation from their existing state of helplessness to finding their real self and purpose. They have got a new perspective on their life journey & have found new enthusiasm to move on with vigor and joy.

Some example of the emotional & mental states that were transformed are: -


Anger issues


Bipolar disorder

Concentration issues


Eating disorder

Mood swings

Personality disorder

Panic attack



Low self – esteem

Relationship issues

Stress management


On her work background Nishi is a seasoned professional who has hands on experience in the field of coaching and therapy. She has worked with companies like Tata, IBM in the field of customer service & training for 17 years.

Nishi started her independent practice since 2014 as she wanted to dedicate her gift to helping more & more people who are struggling with mental & emotional wellbeing. For last 8 years she has undergone mentorship under various mentors and the journey to self-discovery is still ongoing.

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