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Life Transformation




Jyoti Dua

Wealth Manager - MNC

Nishi and Aneesh have been an instrumental part of a fundamental shift in my emotional and mental wellbeing. They have great demeanor and are very easy to talk to. They helped me to make sense of my past troubles and provided the necessary tools to move forward. It’s a great opportunity who wishes to go down a therapeutic psychological path to move forward or closing some of life’s chapters. Highly recommended as they both are professional, experienced, focused, compassionate and able to provide you with correct answers or tools for solving issues at right moment.


Sarabjit Singh Khullar

National level Rifle Shooter 

As an athlete, I was always looking for a concentration, focus & mindfulness. Joining iDiscoverie with Nishi & Aneesh was simply awesome as it enhanced my performance by a great deal. I could feel a sense of calm & peace inside me.  I use the techniques that I have learnt to be mindful & it helps me to stay in charge of my emotions even in stressful competitive environment. I thank Nishi & Aneesh from core of my heart for doing such a wonderful job. Keep up the great work, the world needs this more than ever now.


Vishavdeep Singh Sandhu

National level Shotgun Shooter

For First time in my life I shared my life story with Nishi mam. I liked the way she listened and understood my personality as to how I behave in a particular manner. I had issues of overthinking and lacked confidence. However, after couple of therapies I felt more confident than before. There is a big improvement in overthinking also. I was initiated into Yuga Dhyana by Aneesh sir. I could understand the true meaning of meditation with their beginner mediation course. It has not only helped me in my professional life but in personal life too. I have seen an improvement in my temper also, earlier I used to get angry very easily but not now. Many Thanks to Nishi mam & Aneesh sir


Harleen Kaur 

Neet aspirant (student)

I always felt very anxious with my personal stuff but knowing that my secrets are safe, I could easily open up my heart and that was a big relief. After going through the integrated healing journey I have seen a positive change in myself & I am now confident enough to speak up in my class. I am able to make friends and show my face.  I had trouble interacting with my peer group but it has improved a since the start of my sessions. I have started making boundaries & do not let people walk over me. To sum it all up, my entire experience has been awesome. I wish I had joined earlier & I strongly recommend others to join.


Udeshpal Singh Mann

Army Officer

Nishi is a very good therapist; she understands her work very well. She listens with patience and is completely nonjudgmental. I feel she is gifted with high intuition. She was a great help as I could break away from certain patterns that I did not want to continue with.


Pankaj Sahota

Post Grad Student – Toronto Canada

I was living in deep rooted fear. I was scared as I used to feel that I might harm myself. I felt very lonely. I was depressed and did not feel like doing anything. I had big dreams but I simply did not have the drive to act. I was diagnosed clinical depression and was put under medication for 2 years. I was told that I will need to be antidepressants for a longer period of time. I was fortunate to have met with Nishi mam & Aneesh Sir. I never knew they are so gifted. I now can say they can transform anyone. Today I am no longer in depression, no anti-depressants etc. In fact, I changed so much that I got admission in post-Graduation course in Toronto Canada. I am in great mental health. My parents are so grateful.


Gurbir Sandhu

Film Producer & Director

I was suffering from high blood pressure as my work is quite stressful. I came to iDiscoverie when I could not sleep at all & this aggravated my blood pressure. I was feeling extreme bouts of anxiety. What I have gone through is a miracle. With their therapies, now I am completely fine. I sleep like a baby now & interestingly my blood pressure has normalized. Infact I was taking BP medicine form last 30 years & now they are out of my life. My Sincere thanks to them. I would recommend everyone who has an emotional issue and feels nothing is changing in life. They are really life transformers. 


Nidhi Singh

Business Owner - Sydney Australia

iDiscoverie therapies worked wonders for me when I needed it the most. They were clear about the healing process and their timely intervention helped in great measure in resolving the semi-paralytic condition of my husband. I owe them a lot. Many thanks for your help!


Gursagar Kaur

Teacher by profession 

Nishi as a psychotherapist has provided the right professional guidance and support which really helped us as a family to overcome challenges of parenting. The way she interacts with her subjects and builds that trust and connection with them is remarkable. She does not tackle issues superfluously, rather she looks for the root cause of a problem in order to eradicate it. I appreciate all her help and guidance!


Maninder Kaur 

Director - Helix Path Labs

My 4-year-old was giving me a tough time. He didn't want to attend online classes, he was becoming aggressive and non-cooperative with each day. I am so glad I picked up the phone and called up Nishi. With her listening ear she absorbed every detail and offered me viable ways to deal with the issues that I was concerned about. It was so easy talking to her and I always found her advice valuable.


Prajwal Pathak


I was really pushing myself to impress people around me. I would try to do all uncomfortable things that would make me feel accepted in so called cool group. My game was not improving and I was addicted to sugar which was not good for my fitness as a sportsman. I was confused it was getting chaotic. I really did not know what I am doing with my life. Luckily I met Aneesh Sir at my cricket academy and I got introduced to a whole new world. Nishi mam & Aneesh Sir held my hand like a family and slowly I overcame all my issues. Today I am sorted in myself and very confident. I could let go of my craving for sugar completely & get my body in the best shape ever. I have gained immense clarity about my life & purpose. I have no words to thank Nishi Mam & Aneesh Sir.


Meenakshi Ahuja

Executive MNC

I was broken at the loss of my mother. It was the toughest phase of my life as I did not get enough support from my close ones. This irreparable loss broke me and i was not able to make peace with it. I was not able to do justice to my child. This kept bothering me even more. With iDiscoverie, the results were amazing as I simply kept improving day by day. It got back my strength and was present with my life. It is as though I was teleported into a new world of hope & possibilities. I am back on my feet even stronger than before. Much Gratitude for the wonderful healing & support.

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