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INR 1999


Born Again 
Embracing Inner Child 

90 Minutes (5 pm–6.30 pm)

23 October 2022


Who should attend this Webinar?

Individuals who want to:

Achieve their highest potential

Let go of feeling of guilt, shame, anxiety etc.

Express themselves with emotional harmony

Build strong relationship with self & others

Take decisions independently 

Let go of blaming self & self-sabotage

Understand effective communication with self & others

Live Fearlessly

Why should you attend this Webinar?

We constantly suffer with multiple issues which are created from within.

We live a limited life & create our own prison: You will understand how we: 

Suffer, because we have a need for validation from others

Allow overthinking, anxiety to build into panic attacks, depression or even suicidal tendencies.

Become victim of Inner Critic, it is the voice in our head that keeps judging & hammering us all the time

Create mental illness with compulsive need for pleasing our parents

Struggle to be a part of group & feel lonely


What you will achieve after attending the webinar


Understand your inner reality 

Open up new possibility where you can

create your new reality

Learn to connect & embrace your Inner wounded child

Learn Techniques to awaken & revitalize dormant power of your inner child

Rewire old neuro circuits & create new neural pathways for all-round success

Way forward to empower yourself to live with Freedom, Joy & Creativity

Delete / Disempower one painful

childhood memory in webinar itself


Aneesh is a highly energetic Practical Life & Leadership Transformation Coach. He brings with him 22 years of learning application in the field of Positive Psychology & Mind Mastery. He is passionate to serve people and help them overcome their limitations by applying tested wisdom & techniques. His core purpose is to help people get liberated from their own prison & experience a life of unlimited freedom and immense joy. 

His clients have reported 360-degree transformation from their existing state of self-sabotage to finding their true self, values and purpose. They have got a new perspective in their journey of life, which has helped them to achieve all round success on personal as well as professional front.

He has trained under various world class mentors and has taken a deep dive into the ocean of self-discovery through multiple modalities like Zen Path of self-mastery, Express NLP, Heart & Brain Coherence, Mind Psychology, Neo Meditations, Law of Attraction, Manifestation, Visualization, Ho opono opono, Ubuntu, Ikigai etc.
He says, “Everything is possible, if you just practice it enough times”.

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