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Inner Child Assessment

Journey within Inner Child can be extremely interesting & liberating.


Take this
" Do I Have a Hurt Inner Child”

and see what exactly is deep in your psyche?

A hurt inner child can be caused due to past trauma or neglect. These unfortunate situations can start the never ending cycle of bad decisions, body issues, and some psychological issues.


The worst part is, now as a parent while you are trying to do the best for your children, you unconsciously transmit your “hurt inner child energy” to them. This pushes them to display the self-sabotaging behaviors and become victims of the same pattern. As a parent, this is really scary, however, this is the TRUTH!


This assessment is specially made for people who wish to dig deep & understand better about themselves. This can help in initiating the inner journey & bring healthy transformation.


The first step in healing is recognizing. Good Luck!

To your Health & Growth

Nishi & Aneesh

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