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Create a Holistic Balance in your Mental & Emotional Health !

Mental Wellness Coach

Create Zero Gravity in Life & Relationship. 
Fly high!

Learn How to Release Toxicity from your Inner World. 

Travel Light & Take Massive Action Now ! 

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Quantum Wellness Code

Discover Real Happiness

8 Oct 2023

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Born Again with Quantum NLP

Live Free & Fearlessly

14 & 15 Oct 2023

We have invested 20000 Hours of research, self-work & practice for creating structured iDiscoverie system to achieve sustainable self-growth. 


Meet Nishi & Aneesh

We had our own share of individual challenges when it came to the complex world of Mental Wellness & Relationships.

Together we challenged the status Quo & undertook journey of understanding the alchemy of mental Wellness & its role in relationship with Self , Partner , Children & Others. 

We successfully reinvigorated our relationship with our self , each other & with our kids.


It breaks heart to see that mental chaos & disharmony is on rapid increase. States of depression , anxiety , panic , overthinking etc. are the new normal. We are suffering more than ever & that too in spite of having access to all the resources.

Our Vision is to encourage optimum mental health by creating  Zero Gravity in Life & Relationships.

Simple Process to Get Started

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Claim the FREE copy of your e Book 

"How to connect with your inner child" 

by Nishi & Aneesh

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Parent and Child

Take 2 minute’s Self-Assessment on 

 "Do I Have a Hurt Inner Child” 

& know your emotional health reality 

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Business Consultation

Join our awesome community and

 "Experience Life at your best potential” 

with iDiscoverie 

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I am Nishi Kotha

Nishi is a Mental Wellness Coach & a mindful Psychotherapist. She brings with her 23 years of practical learning in the field of Cognitive Behavior Therapy & Emotional wellness. 

She is compassionate and her core purpose to serve people to live life at their best potential. 

Her clients have reported miraculous transformation from their existing state of helplessness to finding their real self and purpose. They have got a new perspective on their life journey & have found new enthusiasm to move on with vigor and joy.

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I am Aneesh Kotha

Aneesh is a Mental Wellness & Leadership Transformation Coach. He brings with him 22 years of learning & application in the field of Positive Psychology & Mind Mastery. 

He is passionate to serve people and help them overcome their fears by applying tested wisdom & techniques. His core purpose is to help people get liberated from their own prison & experience freedom and immense joy.

His clients have reported 360-degree transformation from their existing state of self-sabotage to finding their true self, values and purpose. 

Aneesh says “Everything is possible, if you just practice it enough times”. 


Our Programs


Aneesh Kotha


Born Again

Embracing Inner Child

Born Again

Reconnect with Inner Child

Reinvent yourself. Connect , Heal & Revitalize your Inner Child. Experience freedom from mental chaos.


Nishi Kotha

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Neo Parenting

It’s about raising a Parent 

Neo Parenting

It's about raising a Parent

Understand Constructive Parenting Psychology & Learn practical techniques to handle issues


Aneesh Kotha

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Quantum NLP

Reengineer Brain for Extraordinary Success

Quantum NLP

Reengineer Brain for Extraordinary Success

Be an Express NLP Practioneer. Learn to Rewire Subconscious Mind for creating abundance in all Areas of Life.


Nishi & Aneesh


Shiva Shakti

Celebrating Love in Duality

Shiva Shakti

Celebrating Love in Duality

Experience Emotional Bliss & Fulfillment as a Real Duo without Masks by Harmonizing Masculine - Feminine Energy


Nishi & Aneesh

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The Mind - Body - Soul Detox

The Mind - Body - Soul Detox

Restore Authentic Health through Heart & Mind Coherence. Live without Toxicity. Learn Techniques for Emotional & Mental Catharsis


Nishi & Aneesh


Transformational Intensive


Transformational Intensive Retreats

Experience Magic of Live Evolution & Catapult into New Life Affair. Enjoy  Intense Meditations ,Therapies , Group Coaching , Psychodramas , Healings

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Join Our Awesome Community & Experience Life at your Best Potential with iDiscoverie.

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